Deitrekk D. Boone

That Conversation: (Big Brother to lil Brother) by: Deitrekk D. Boone

Alex:Ay bro get in the car.
Lil Ricky:Wassop bro I’m busy, I just got out here.
Alex: Let me just holla at you real quick not even five minutes.
(Lil Ricky got in the car irritated, as Alex pulled off into traffic.)
Lil Ricky: Bro wassop we’re we finna go.
Alex: Listen bro I know you heard about blue and his girlfriend yesterday morning.
Lil Ricky: Yea I did, that’s crazy I was just with them this weekend that was my bro now him and his girl gone, it still don’t seem real,I cant even think where it came from that’s why I keep mine, can’t get caught lacking out here.
Alex:Yea I already know but hear me out,what happen to basketball, and being a business owner, you got one year left in school what you plan on doing.
Lil Ricky: I’m still on all that, you know I can’t be stopped on that court and that business s**t I really gotta study a lil more.
Alex:See that sound like you,that sound good,you need to find something better to do in your spare time,than this street life, this ain’t it bro.
Lil Ricky:Yea bro I know but its easy quick money,plus I ain’t out here like you think, I’m not beef’n with nobody, I’m just tryna pay the rent and feed my right hand Derek who locked.
Alex: I understand that but its a better way lil bro,yu wanna end up like yo bro locked or even worse like blue. and I never knew you had to be beef’n to get shot or even killed out here, listen bro I’m not your daddy and I know we ain’t grow up together but I got a job for you, a good paying job too, that’s better than hustling, you can start today or tomorrow.
Lil Ricky: Yea I hear you, you right but don’t nobody owe me nothing I’m my own man and I ain’t to good at all that working having a job sh*t, its just not for me ya’ know.
Alex: Bro you never had a job, you can’t knock it into you try it, plus you ain’t gotta take no risk, what if you get hit up then look yo whole basketball career down the drain then what, that street life hun? we all know how that end.
Ricky: I’m doing it different I aint like everyone else I’m in it for one reason,plus I don’t have time for a job anyways.
Alex: thats what everybody say I’m in it for one reason, well look bro I’m not about to just let you throw yo life away out chasing fast money, I want what’s best for you and bro to be honest you know momma did to, what you think she thinking looking down on you right now, her youngest boy dealing and carrying guns.
Ricky:Bro don’t even go there, you always tryna bring momma up, let me out right here bro.
Alex: Let you out’, bro you just can’t keep running from what’s reality, you gone find yo’self lost in that same spot and back peddling,wassop you what this job offer or not.
Ricky:I don’t know,I gotta think about it.
Alex:See you think its a game, bro I’m tryna give you the kick start that you need to be on track and you gone be working with me,you ain’t gotta worry bout a ride or nothing I got you, if you don’t do it for your self do, it for momma, blue and Derek dats locked.
Ricky:Alrite bro I’ll do it, but I ain’t finna be getting up all early dats dead.
Alex:That’s cool, you gone be ready tomorrow around 1:30, 2 o’clock.
Ricky: Yea just call me I’m gone be at Auntie Nesha’s house.
Alex: alrite bet, don’t spend me either.
Ricky:I’m not I got you on momma bro, tryna drop me off at the Y, I’m bout to go hoop.
Alex: Yea I got you, I can shoot around a lil wit you if you ain’t trippn.
Ricky:Naw I ain’t come on.
That conversation leaded to a successful life for Ricky and a better bond that’s was built between two Brothers who grew up in poverty and different house holds,Alex wasn’t perfect but he just wasn’t ignorant and he been through the bs, at 32 and Ricky being fresh 18, Alex figured he had to step up and guide his lil brother to be his own man in life, even if it was gone be a task, Alex wasn’t taking no for a answer.The same way how Alex was determined for change is the same way We need to be determined for our Brother, Sister,Cousin,And even close friends, it don’t hurt to be a leader and not just be a leader but teach others around you that you love to be leaders also.

Deitrekk Boone
DOC #706720

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