Zachery Matthews

PURE JUDGEMENTS (spoken word) by Zachery Matthews

One request I hear often don’t judge me before you figure out I’m worth it/ the best line I wrote lately is no one’s conception of perfection is perfect/ you can reject the situation just don’t neglect the person/ before learning if they are truly worth it/ remember two sides to the bill always make for two versions/ if it’s distorted from the outset only One knows the true version/
Inside I thank those who jump the gun and judge me/ ’cause loving is hard when you love hard and to love me is to know me/ success from the cages means it’ll happen in stages/ building bridges stronger than I-95 at its safest/ which takes foundation, patience and maintenance/ plus a man needs to find the one he can consider sacred/ while making a few real friends along the pavement/
So don’t be scared of the truth that as a youth I made decisions that were strange to the strangest/ cause as a man I understand there’s always room for changes/ judge not those past decisions when failures only made me smarter/ let the essence of the man be what you wanna get to the heart of/ There are times when lines should be read between let this second be that/ history is written by the winners and yet I never would repeat that/ so see a man and not his past deeds/ before you classify him as a bad seed/

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  1. You wouldn’t listen to the old Man,
    You hit the road, just like all the rest;
    You thought yourself cool, you was the main man,
    Time you turned around and headed back west.

    You grabbed yourself some dough,
    Nothing was going to hold you down;
    Enjoying all the highs, and hating all the lows,
    Man, how did you get be, such a clown?

    Now you ain’t riding so high,
    You look in the mirror, you look around;
    Worn out, burned out, and about ready to die,
    Down to zero, yeah man, down to the ground.

    You’re Nikes of all gone, you’ve had your fill,
    You was the one’s gonna be the boss;
    Now you’re looking into the swill,
    Ain’t no profit, it’s all just loss.

    So as you hit the curve,
    Seems like a long way home;
    Steeling your soul and holding your nerve,
    Old Man’s waiting, just keep on going.

    You thought it was all over, you’d never get back,
    Facing the music and taking the rap;
    Now you’re cruising, right back on track;
    Where you always belonged, in your Fathers’ lap.

    (© Jimmy R. Hamilton, written June 2003)


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