Marquis Silvera

Introducing Marquis Silvera


My name marquis. I have four years for an felonious assault f2 My IntakeDate 11/07/15 My ReleaseDate 11/02/19 and I’m from Toledo Ohio I’m 23 years old i was born 1995 my birthday are April 3rd I’m 5″2 i weight 150 cocky im brown skin with low cut hair 360 waves also I’m inky l.o.l I’m down to earth, outgoing, people person, funny, lovable, caring, etc my father passed when i was 12 years old he was born 04/29/65 he passed 12/28/07 my mother still here which i am thankful for that. And i love her so much cause she my mother/father and plus she support me so much i know she will always be and my corner. I have 7 siblings. All males. My mother had 8 boys all together. I have 3 kids myself 3 lil baby girls they mean the world to me. I’m so upset with myself. Cause I’m and prison and they need me the most. I just want to start fresh when i get out get my life on the right path i want nice thing and to be happy i think i deserve that everyone make mistake you just have to learn from them and learn to never make them again specially if you have another chance at life cause anything can happen at any giving time so you have to be thinkful for life its self you can learn something everyday if you pay attention. If not it will cost you. I educate myself everyday. And set me goals. I an beautiful girlfriend that was here for me for an minute. But the four years i had she couldn’t wait on me i was so sad. But as time went by my pain healed talk to you guys later hope yall like my blogg and write me back.


Marquis Silvera
DOC# A724-038

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  1. My goodness, you come from a big family. I expect you miss them. It must be hard not seeing your kids too. Good to know that you are spending your time learning and working towards a fresh start. Good luck !


  2. Teach us O Lord, to hate our sin,
    To see the lawlessness it is;
    Our greatest enemy within,
    To loathe and flee from every vice.

    Teach us O Lord, Thy hate for sin,
    The untold evil in each fault;
    Against Thy holiness Divine,
    Worthy of darkness and torment.

    Teach us O Lord, to flee from sin,
    To see the venom, burning sores;
    To see the evil, sinful sin,
    And that before Thy wrath outpours.

    Teach us O Lord, to run to Christ,
    His wounded side and piercêd hands;
    Who lived and died to pay the price,
    To break the power of evil’s bands.

    (© Jimmy Hamilton – written December 2004)


  3. 8 boys in one generation, and now you have 3 girls- a bit of a different dynamic, I’m thinking! My mum and dad had 3 girls (I have two sisters), but now it’s all grandsons for them. My mum is stressing because my nephews are always wrestling and being physical, and she worries they’ll hurt themsleves. She was used to little girls who did crafts and played Barbies. Haha!


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