Jason Ferguson

Introducing Jason Ferguson

My name:Jason Lamar Ferguson A408-970; age 36yrs old; intake Feb 17,2001 parole date: Feb 17,2024; contact info:email me jpay. com or P.O.Box 120, Lebanon, Ohio
About myself: I’m the oldest of 4,born and raised in Ethel, Mississippi. I have no children but I’m an uncle. I’m deep rooted when it comes to family.
I’m adventurous, athletic,and fun. Nonsmoker, a christian.I love chess sports, and music. Working on getting my Barber license and certification as a personal trainer.
“Things That Is Going In Warren Correctional” by Jason Lamar Ferguson
Hello everybody, I just want people in society to know what actually is going inside the prison system. I’ve incarcerated for over 17 years now. I am also a black male just so everyone know. I came to this penitentiary about six weeks ago.
Since I’ve been here in this penitentiary almost all the staff mistreat inmates both verbally and physically. My first week three correctional officers was in physical altercation with inmates. This prison in a level three facility so they keep us locked down in cells majority of the day.
We are allowed two out in the morning, afternoon, and then evening. We aren’t allowed to get jobs unless you fit a certain criteria. Basically you have a choice to work with the staff by giving them information on other inmates. Or take hits out on other inmates.
Correctional officers are literally having inmates beat on other inmates for there own agenda. Most inmates at this facility are even scared to write informal complaints on the staff because of fear something happening.
This email might not even be sent out because of what I’m saying but if they refuse to send this off. I will call an address the inappropriate supervision that goes on here. The prison system is not about trying to rehabilitate the offender.
But more about profiting from all the different fundings that they receive from the programs. What’s crazy is that some of the programs are being half ran. What I mean is a six week program will be completed in two or three weeks.
The parole board informed me that I need to have a victim awareness class taken. Every prison I’ve been too they only place us on a waiting list in which long time offenders will remain.
This is only a fraction of what goes on inside the system. But the people in society that I see who actually is concern are those who have family in prison. But I could be wrong. Hopefully others show that they care because that’s the only way things will change.

Jason Ferguson
DOC #A408-970


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  1. There is a Saviour, Jesus Christ,
    Who died to save His own;
    Was lifted up, to pay the price,
    For sin, he did atone.

    There is a Saviour, Jesus Christ,
    Who’s God and Lord of all;
    Who came and lived, was crucified,
    To save us from the fall.

    There is a Saviour, Jesus Christ,
    The precious Lamb of God;
    For us was slain upon the cross,
    Who took our guilty load.

    There is a Saviour, Jesus Christ,
    The Son, God’s only Son;
    The love of God made manifest,
    To make us with God one.

    (© Jimmy Hamilton – written April 2004)


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