Jacob J. Gamet

Heaven’s Love Formula by Jacob J. Gamet

What civilization hasn’t embarked upon the transcendent endeavor to discover Heaven’s Love Formula? Metaphorically descending from Mount Sinai aglow, each nation boasts journey success and to have divine sustenance in hand. They instruct the Almighty’s sheep, “Eat! Joyfully consume the foreshadowing body of love!” Spiritual comestibles are fed aurally to emaciated and malnourished souls. Nonperishable truth is recorded and stored away for future generations.

But wait! Countless souls are enticed by vice and entangled in the webby veneer of virtual reality. They perceive the remnants of Heaven’s manna provisions as moldy and nonmicrowaveable in the world of instant gratification. Where is the enduring grain that once appealed to our desert-dwelling ancestry. Love’s silos are overflowing yet all I see is bony fists punching out from within the collapsed abdomens of my brothers and sisters. In agony, I gaze upon flocks of love-deficient souls, buckling under the unbearable weight of hunger. Horrified, I ask: can a mere mortal, shrouded in perishable flesh, ascend to 7th heaven in a single bound and return with Love’s Formula? Or is the scale of such an undertaking possible for one loaded by the cargo of sin?

My mind twists and turns, yearning for King Solomon’s wisdom to quench the massive thirst of the masses. I, too, share their burdens of suffering, despair, and madness. If only I could access, harness, and wield the utilitarian intellect of humanity for the noble purpose of calculating Love’s Formula. Oh, the hearts that could be mended the tears, wiped away and the fleshy cocoons, jettisoned and traded for the fulfillment of love’s glory.

Though facile and unassuming, Love’s Formula requires perpetual practice and persistent effort…

LOVE’S FORMULA: (GI > Yi) > (OI => Yi)

GI (God’s Interests)
YI (Your Interests)
OI (Others’ Interests)

I (Primary Interests)
i (Secondary Interests)

Essentially, love’s formula establishes a hierarchy of mortal-mortal and supeceding divine-mortal interests, that is, others and your interests below God’s, your interests equal to or below others’, that is, as long as others’ interests do not conflict with God’s. But you can never know God’s interests unless you spend sufficient time on earth getting to know Him.

As Jesus asked Peter three times whether he loved Him, Jesus charged Peter with feeding His sheep. John 21:15-17. He was emphasizing what love was to Peter. Peter must set aside his own interests for Jesus’ interests, even at the cost of his life. As Jesus did for God, Peter was expected to do for Jesus, since Jesus’ interests were already aligned with God’s interests.

Though we rightly imagine heaven as this ideal place and hope to end up there, we must yet realize that Heaven is Heaven because of the order established by Love’s Formula. We want our tears and pain erased and to be tended to by the love of angels. But we must fight to resist our earthly vices if we expect God to invite us through His pearly gates?!

When a man wishes to woo a woman, he asks those who know her what her interests are. Why? Because satisfying her interests is how he wins her love. King David of the Old Testament is characterized as a man after God’s own heart. But only by knowing God can you know how to love Him, and how to love others.

Remember, it is God’s formula that establishes Heaven and Earth. And if you expect to go there, you had better dust off your Bible and start reading it for the purpose of getting to know Him. I recommend you begin reading the book of Psalm (the 19th book of the Old Testament), since it contains the timeless prayers of King David, a man after God’s own heart (i.e., interests).

Therefore, love is an algorithm that establishes social order. It is the only formula by which humanity may coexist with God and, in turn, with itself, free from the chaos and destruction of sin.

Jacob Gamet
DOC #883302


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  1. O love of God so pure,
    For sinners lost, for us so poor,

    O grace of God, so deep,
    Golgotha’s life-blood, every drop,

    O gift of God, so free,
    That He should live and die for me,

    O Son of God made flesh,
    You took our sin, God’s wrath to quench,

    Our God of marvellous love,
    You took our death, that we might live,

    (© Jimmy Hamilton – written 2014)


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