Alan Thrower

DEAR OFELIA By Alan Thrower


Ofelia….Ofelia. Has anyone ever told you that you have a old-fashioned name? well it’s okay because I love it. As a matter of fact, I’ve never met a girl named Ofelia before….that means you are one of a kind. Ofelia I’ll continue to write you okay? I know once I come home you’ll be happy to see me. But I encourage you to have fun, let loose, and be free. Don’t get discouraged or lose focus on what you want to accomplish….. I’ll still be here for you anyway, but stay strong and be positive. I also wanna say stay with me Ofelia. and Look, I’ll be home in 2020….that’s not far but it’s still a while before I can actually be with you physically….But I need a partner Ofelia, I need a womans words to help me fight through it. It’s hard not having a woman to encourage you and tell you everything is going to be okay, Im just keeping it real….like send me some sexy pictures of you and I’ll fantasize about you for months, that’s how crazy it is being in here, one women can boost the male ego high, to a point of confidence and assurance in his self. Let me lose myself in these letters wit chu…..let me have sex with your mind…..fuck me back with yours, I dont gotta be inside your panties right away, but your mind can get me just as hard…..showing me where your mind is at and I’ll show you mines, and just imagine. I’m licking inside your ear, my hands slowly rubbing your breast, rubbing down, my finger slips inside your clitoras. You moan. I pull your panties down from the back, pulling out my long, black, hard, dick, I slowly push inside. I will fuck you hard and good Ofelia. You’ve never been with a guy who spent 10 years inside prison, and if you have, he didn’t fuck you the way I’m going to. Let me nut inside you and feel my dick jump with electrical vibrations going through you. You have no idea what that feels like….. keep writing me telling me how much you want a real man in your life, I’m as real as they come, and staying true to my words when I say I’ll stay wit chu. let’s keep our connection strong, let’s not lose focus. And until next time, your on my mind thinking about you……

Your Masculine Man
a ruff-neck brotha with a soft touch

Alan Thrower #AI1509

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  1. The wrath of God, revealed from heaven,
    God’s clear displeasure’s known;
    Against ungodly, wicked men,
    That righteousness disown.

    There is no God, is what they say,
    In foolishness and spite;
    They fill their cup, in iniquity,
    And sin without respite.

    Unthankful, vain, with darkened minds,
    They changed the truth for lies;
    Despite their conscience that reminds,
    Go on, in sinful ways.

    They think themselves, to be so wise,
    Their cup of sin it fills;
    Being filled with all unrighteousness,
    And turned themselves to fools.

    The wrath of God, revealed from heaven,
    God’s clear displeasure’s known;
    Against all wickedness of men,
    His wrath is clearly shown.

    God’s righteousness is also known,
    In God’s Anointed One;
    Made known in truth to all who own,
    God’s one and only Son.

    (© Jimmy Hamilton – written March 2014)


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