Deitrekk D. Boone

Spoken Word By: Deitrekk D. Boone

” This My vision what’s yours”
Woke up with it on my mind’
and some days wen its not on my mind,
all I have to do is look at the time, or maybe just the TV, and you tell me what I see,
I see,shootings, like Vegas and Florida,
I see,re tweets like # me too,
I see, what you see,
Violence and negativity
I see more than what you see,
violence and negativity
so what’s a hot topic?’
violence and negativity,
but the hot topic should be what’s best for me,as in him,her and you.
or We,
but me I see,
I see more than what you see,
I see the rate of graduation from high schools to college rising
but yet,
The inner connection of unity declining,
I see cops still shooting with no explanation, leaving hatred and no answers through out the nation,
I see natural born talent being stolen by,
confusion, common limits, and Greed.
basically Lack of Guidance,
So what do I see,
I see me,standing up opening up doors showing,guiding and being what’s best for We,
ain’t no I in We,
and her,him,you, or me,can be,
the new voice in stopping the violence and in Forcing the Guidance for the youth that’s also our future. “This my vision what’s yours”.
Be what I see,

Deitrekk Boone
DOC #706720

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  1. Deitrekk, that is a pretty grim picture you’ve presented us with, and I enjoyed the ‘we’ and ‘unity’ parts the best.
    However, you are quite revelatory in you descriptions, and sadly very true. Except for the college attendance thing…we are actually reducing admissions by about 10% annually. If we take ethnicity into account, Hispanics are increasing, while all other races are declining.
    But you know I don’t like the ethnicity word, because we are all humans first, and culture second.

    Looking at your photo, I have the coolest of friends, who you remind me of from my military days. His name is V; Victor K Vincent, who went to college after the service. Met Helen there, and married creating two daughters.
    During the 80’s both he and Helen got hooked up with Crystal and screwed things up a bit for them in Houston, but are clean now and living in Denver. We are never too smart not to do stupid things.

    However I am having a difficult morning myself, with visions of swimsuit models preparing us for summer. Probably because it’s Spring Break for student across America.
    So in my mind, Steve Marriott is screaming, “she’s got me weak in the knees, you know she aims to please, she’s taking me down, got my head spinning round, you know you gotta believe…Thirty days in the hole, that’s what they give ya, thirty days in the hole”.
    “I need a greasy whore, and a rollin dance floor, to give me my release…thirty days in the hole”
    Those are not the correct lyrics by any means, because the song is about drugs while out on the road touring, but it’s a simple beat and the whole thing really gets my head spinning round.

    In the future as you write these poems of yours, practice your spacing between words, so they don’t jam up on themselves. I know that is a stupid and petty concern of mine, but it eases the reader so they do not have to decipher where the pauses are.
    As always, God Bless you and keep you.
    Everyday out here, we are terrified by what the many countries are doing and the fear of war is everywhere.
    It doesn’t mean we don’t want you here with us, because you are needed to help the children out of the darkness that you and I have known. Rock on and keep writing.

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