Milishia Gosha

Let the rehabilitated go! by Milishia Gosha

I’ve been incarcerated 19 years and nine months for a crime that I committed when I was fourteen I’m not the same person. ..If your child committed a murder crime when she/he was fourteen do you ink that he/she should be locked up for the rest oif their life? I’m a grown woman that has changed and know who and what I stand four now I’m no it lost any more I’m ready to go out and share my story to the youth so they can actually understand that I can relate to em and prevent them from making the same mistake I did… if you agree to me having a second chance in write a petition to Georgia parole board website

Milishia Gosha #0001023682
Lee arrendale state prison 709
alto ,ga 30510

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  1. I was very young and was locked up for running away. I was put in a cell and kept for months during my stay a bigger girl tried to beat me up and this wonderful girl saved me. I know what a smart sweet amazing person she is. I was only 12 she protected me in there and tough me how to braid hair and helped me with my school work. I never forgot her. 😰😰😪 I know she deserves to go home.


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