Gabriela Hidalgo

Introducing Gabriela Hidalgo

My name is Gabriela” Gaby” Hidalgo. CDC # x18791 I am 32 years old.
I’ve been in prison for 13 years,I made a huge mistake at the age of 19.I work construction , I stay bussy all week long, trying to get out sooner than my date,.
Im focused on going home, and to be a better person and moher. I’m so close on getting back into society that it does scare me, But willingto face the challenges that are out there.
I’m a facilitator within my commiunity , I lead as an example. I help the youth by directing them to the right path. I love to learn about anything, I love music, cumbias, oldies, and soft rock, anything really…I am cuban and guatemalen, and open to talk about anything..
My address is

Gabriela Hidalgo
DOC #x18791


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  1. I appreciate your zeal and desire, Gaby. Your commitment to making changes, to improve yourself. What are you doing to help toward that end? How can I be praying for you?


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