Stephen Newman

If Only For A Day… by Stephen Newman

It would be so nice to get out, if only for a day. I wouldn’t need to do anything extravagant. No trips to Disneyland or to the south of France. It’s the simple things I miss the most. The things I always took for granted. The things I didn’t realize I enjoyed…until I couldn’t do them any longer. The things I haven’t been able to do for almost 10 years.

If I was out, only for a day, I would:
-Ride an escalator and an elevator
-Drive a car through town, and honk my horn
-Parallel park
-Smile at the Starbucks barista when she tells me to have a great day.
-Go swimming
-Relax in a hotel jacuzzi
-Order a glazed buttermilk bar from a local donut shop
-Take my dog on a walk
-Gently caress a woman’s face and run my fingers through her hair while kissing her
-Fill up a fountain drink at the gas station minimart, and buy some beef jerky
-Use a Keurig k-cup coffee machine for the first time
-Take a shower with bare feet
-Watch a movie in the theater with my parents
-Use the cup holder in the movie theater
-Mix junior mints into my popcorn
-Touch real money — it looks so different!
-Open a refrigerator door
-Play a board game with Anja
-Say hi to a stranger
-Browse through a used bookstore
-Watch Netflix
-Hear a telephone ring and answer it, excited that for the first time in a decade, someone is actually calling ME
-Google those song lyrics I keep thinking of (who sings that?!)
-Wash my clothes in my own washing machine
-Use a vacuum cleaner
-Use a lint roller on my blankets
-Go for a walk at 2 AM, just because I can
-Hold a woman next to me in a soft king bed with fancy sheets
-Play a game of ping pong
-Play basketball in the park with Jen
-Have lunch with Beth, and be able to choose items from an actual menu!
-Go to a professional sporting event
-Call Marah and apologize on her voicemail
-Go shopping at a grocery store
-Go to a frozen yogurt store and get cookies and cream
-Use metal utensils!
-Use a smartphone or iPad (Wow, what is this thing?!!) 🙂
-Walk barefoot on the carpet
-Sing in the shower
-Use a private bathroom
-Use a Mach-3 Razor and good-quality shaving gel
-Get a shampoo and haircut at a fancy salon
-Do a 2-hour DJ shift at the local radio station
-Look at my friends’ Facebook pages
-Take a quick walk through Target
-Go bowling
-Get a swedish massage at the day spa
-That sounds good, actually. Let me get a second massage. I realize I only have one day, but I think we can squeeze it in!

Finally, for one day, I’d like to actually be Steve Newman, not Inmate Newman #90843. For one day, let me go back to how things used to be. Just for a day.

Stephen Newman
DOC #90843


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  1. All those things sound great! Sometimes I’m too serious and forget to take pleasure in the simple things in life.
    I have read a few of your blog posts now, you have a talent for writing. I encourage you to keep writing blogs after you are released.
    Selfishly I write for myself, if others read it then they have a small window into the strange place that is my mind. How unfortunate for those people! Perhaps I should send them to your posts instead!
    Best wishes from the other side of the world


  2. That is an awesome list. It really brings it home what you value most when you can no longer have it. Such simple, ordinary things, yet SO important. Sending you a virtual lint roller for that blanket and a “Hello” from a stranger 🙂


  3. Wow Stephen, this is a list you need to keep printed and in front of you, because it’s awesome…well, except that fb and cookies and cream are probably over rated.
    I had made a ton of money before I was incarcerated, and I mean a shit load. Every night for 14 months I dreamt of the things I wasn’t doing anymore, and you know what? When I got out I left that life behind, and spent time with my kids and woman.
    At first they were disappointed that the money was gone, but today we are richer through our love than money could have ever bought for us. God Bless you and keep you always.


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