Alan Thrower

CREATOR by Alan Thrower

By one god
What I think I must tell this world…humankind existing from early man, he who stands with his head up chest out. A prideful man who knows what he’s about. have you ever herd of the Grimaldi? well it is said, the sedentary man who was placed to create with his bare hands. A reproductionist who produced, and well acquainted with the woman who found him irresistible…. A strong but brave-maker, risk taker, that worked his craft and designed a path searching for minerals that earth provided. forming, shaping, combining, he used the tools to set the rules and formed a way of life. Who is he? a pumping pulse, instinctious..erect… ….with the release of masculine smells the females had no choice but to submit and lay. Ask me, It was he who invented the doggy style position, practice French kissin, and made sexual freaks…A procreator who breeds things into beings that reflect his image…..the Grimaldi race demands their own destiny, first fighters of war to construct and explore and protect the ways we found from the creator

Alan Thrower #AI1509


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