John Higgins

did the sun finanly shine on a dogs butt. by john Higgins

we have to go back in time to 2016. I was seven years in on this number and getting ready to file a judicial motion for early release.mind you I have already filed twice myself and been denied. so this third time my dad offered to find a lawyer and pay him to file for had to look better having a known lawyer out of my county fileing the paperwork to the judges he has know for years. well that was what me and good old dad thought.this lawyer promised us the world. said he had all these meetings with the prosecutor and the judge and everything was a year ticked by.we weren’t real pressed, what’s another year to me.but after about fifteen months I start thinking something happened.again he says all is well just waiting.tick, tick, tick.remember, I have filed twice myself, then a thought smacks me.every time I filed the court sent me a piece of paper stating a motion was damn, this guy just played my dad out of some money. now I’m pissed.I’ve got family calling this guy, I’ve got mail going to him, and guess what. he turns ghost. we don’t hear from him in a sis is on him though.she won’t let this guy the past six months he has lied about ten more times though.I guess I shouldn’t have expected any thing less.we are now at present day, as of march first, a motion was filed.sorry bastard didn’t even tell my people he did took my sis to call the courts to find out. all that to say this, if you pray keep me In them. if you don’t, just keep your fingers crossed and hope on a shooting star for me.its time to show you and the world that this old dog changed and the past ten years didn’t go by in vain.thanks.

John Higgins
DOC #573-408

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  1. Hey John, I do pray, I pray knowing Jesus Christ hears my prayers, and with expectations that Jesus Christ will answer them. He doesn’t always answer the way we pray, but His answer will be exactly what you need, and you will realize it.
    I am writing your name on my prayer page as soon as I complete this post, so I don’t forget. Looking forward to hearing what happens, and when you are released.
    God Bless you John.

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