Christopher Peterson

#TwentyThreeYearsAndCounting By: Chris Peterson

I have twenty three years left today. Amazing I’m even alive to tell about it with the bouts of depression I’ve been through in prison. The love God shares with me, the love I have unceasing for my kids, and knowing God has greater in store for us all this side of heaven keeps me going. To my friends and family, loved ones all, thank you for helping me see this tragic time to its completion. I couldn’t do this without you. Happy Easter to one and all.

Chris Peterson
DOC #211648

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  1. Happy Easter Chris. May you know a continual inner Peace that only our Lord Jesus can give. He is desiring and willing to give His Peace to all, but we have to receive and accept it. Jesus Christ does not force Himself on us.
    God Blessyou Chris.


  2. A happy belated Easter to you too Chris. I’m glad that you are getting the support you need from those who matter most.


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