Joshua Hairston

*If I were A Teacher * By Joshua Hairston

If I were a teacher –
I would teach history to my people –
Mathematics to my children –
Psychology to my sisters –
Apologies to the pilgrims –
I would teach prospecting to peasants –
Poor people,medicine –
Peacemaking to presidents –
children of their intelligence –
women that they are relevant –
young adults to be celibate –
I would teach my mother health first –
My father self first –
My brothers network –
My lovers self worth –
If I were a teacher –
I would teach adherence to the preacher –
contentment to the seeker –
faith to the reader –
patience to believers –
I would teach how to fly,to the bird that never left the nest –
I would teach,in order for a man to thrive he must leave the breast –
cleanliness and posture to ghetto kids –
proper etiquette for eating at the table and setting it –
I would teach,how to follow to every leader –
how to listen, to the speaker –
discipline to myself –
the misery of wealth –
to those who sale themselves –
If I were a teacher –
I would teach the process of Greatness to my students –
Silence to the foolish –
My son to be a ruler –
and my daughters to be prudent –
If I were a teacher –
I would teach the earth to cry,whenever I see a sign –
Whereby I am reminded of mankind’s carnage through time –
I would teach the sun to shine,whenever I shut my eyes –
and mourn the loss of centuries of history,my relatives survived –
I would teach Life,Law –
Justice is Flawed –
You maybe strong enough to stand,but it takes character to walk –
and that those first steps are so much more precious,because you’ve crawled –
If I were a teacher –
money wise,I wouldn’t make much –
But lions and lioness,Doctors and scientist,would make up,what looms of a pay cut –

Joshua Hairston
DOC #1411138

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