David Bomber


Our count had grown to three dogs when our scheme became somewhat wrinkled by Dawn when she ran into Stephanie, who was on yet another mission for bait.
“Have you by chance seen Michelle?” Dawn asked.
“Yup. She’s outside playing with some kids,” Stephanie replied.
“Listen, I need for you and David to stay out of my room for a little while today. It is very important that you don’t go in there. Do you understand?”
This directive from Dawn didn’t go over too well with Stephanie. She may have been the shyest and the most naive of the bunch, but what you couldn’t take from her was her resiliency and determination. She just looked at Dawn, blinked a couple of times, and then dropped the bomb on her.
“But that’s where our dogs are at,” Stephanie said timidly.
Dawn exploded. “What do mean OUR dogs and where did they come from? You’ve got a lot of explaining to do Missy!”
“Uh, uh they’re for all of us. Me and David found ’em and we are going to keep one of them.”
“WHAT! Are you out of your mind?” Dawn exclaimed. “Don’t you know that one of those dogs is the same kind of dog that attacked you before?” Two years earlier when we still lived in Detroit, Stephanie ran through the neighbor’s yard where a Doberman Pincher was tied to a chain. The dog broke its chain and ended up mauling Stephanie. Despite having to have over a hundred stitches (mostly on her back), she not only wasn’t scarred, but she was more upset that her favorite shirt with the pink elephant got ruined.
“Oh Ralph ain’t like that old mean dog that bit me and ruined my shirt. Ralph likes me and he’s the one I want to keep,” Stephanie stated.
By this time Dawn had heard enough and she was determined to put a stop to it. “Where’s David at? You two are going to get those dogs out of my room and I mean NOOOW!”
Stephanie at this point was still clutching the Bologna that she had gotten from the refrigerator when she stated, “Um, he’s downstairs waiting for me to get this.” To make her point, she hoisted the piece of meat in the air like it was a trophy. Then in a rare act of defiance she added, “You can’t make us do anything. Mommy and daddy said that we could have a dog.”
That’s when Dawn lost it. Apparently, she had quickly forgotten both lessons that you don’t invade a Doberman’s territory. Rocket scientist stormed downstairs and burst through the door to the family room hollering like she was the boss or something. All she managed to say was, “GET THOSE” before Ralph charged with a malicious frenzy. Although she made it out just in the nick of time before she got chewed up, it wouldn’t be the last time I advertently sicced one of God’s creatures on Dawn.

Several hours later, there was a knock on the door to the family room. That’s when the scheme hit another wrinkle. It was my dad.
“David and Stephanie, I need for you two to come out of there and talk with me upstairs,” he said.
After the episode with Dawn, both me and Stephanie stayed holed up in the family room with our newfound dogs. We were just simply bidding our time, waiting on mom and dad to show up and decide what dog we could have. Of course we hit a snag when our dad didn’t come in and pick and choose.
By this time Michelle had heard of our hostile takeover and she didn’t want any parts of it. Bobby on the other hand was having a blast taunting Dawn.
“Hey, why don’t you go in there and play with Ralph. I think he likes you,” Bobby said jokingly.
Not sure of exactly what to expect, we emerged from our canine protected fortress and followed our dad upstairs to where our mom was waiting in the living room. It was obvious by both their demeanor and by the overpowering odor of alcohol that they had been drinking.
“Listen, I don’t know where you two got those dogs, but you’ve got to take them back,” dad said.
“Awww, but you promised that we have could another dog so me and Stephanie went out and found some for you to pick one.”
“Yeah, maybe I did promise, but those dogs are somebody else’s. Ya got to take them back. Tell ya what, we’ll talk tomorrow about a dog.”
The funny thing is the next day our parents didn’t remember a thing about any dogs. And of course, they didn’t know that we didn’t take them back to their respective houses. We simply opened the back door and let them out.

Next in the series – Against the System: In the beginning – Part 4

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David Bomber #1130793
Nottoway Correction Center
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Burkeville, Va. 23922

email me @ http://www.jpay.com by submitting my name or Virginia State ID number: 1130793.

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