Idaho Inmates Out of State by Trevor Booth

My state of incarceration (Idaho) has ran into the same issue they’ve had for decades; overcrowding.  I’m in a GEO prison in Texas about one hour from San Antonio with about 249 others.  We don’t have our property, it sits back in Idaho in some sort of storage.

There is tension among the population in regards to being uprooted and actually going backwards with the limited comforts we did have.  Communication with our loved ones has suffered; the calls are more expensive for less time, visits cost thousands to accomplish, and this current facility there is no email service.

Education is non existent, jobs are limited, and the supposed recreation is horrid.  Not only do we not have our property, but our ability to order what seems to be simple things like cotton swabs or daily vitamins is not an option.  Needless to say Idaho has currently sold this group down the river.  Due to the facility being so insufficient it takes us over three hours to get all our showers after rec.    I’ve been to some weak facilities due to overcrowding but this one takes the cake.  

So there are contracts/bids on our Governor’s desk waiting for him to choose a long term situation with a private prison company.  GEO was in control of our last Texas move which had inmates being assaulted by staff, three escapes and two suicides.  Then there is CCA, now known as Core Civic; which was kicked out of Idaho due to their unprofessional ways and lack of ethics.  There is no win, just a hope to move on from this county jail style prison that currently holds county inmates and ICE detainees, and us.  

I understand that I’m in prison, it is however disheartening as I watch these steps unfold in our system.  Tax payer money thrown to the wind as we get ran through the ringer affecting us in negative ways as our issues fall upon deaf ears.  All we could do was laugh at how crazy it all is as we looked around.  The hope is to move on to a place where we can at least live a semi normal existence until our state comes to an answer of how to handle their overcrowding issue, with more debt, or with avenues that promote rehabilitation and are cost effective to support themselves rather than cost more.  

I put in to speak with our Idaho representative.  In the past it has meant nothing to due so.  Idaho’s reps are in hopes of breaches in contract so they get money back, they’re not interested in what we endure or how we are treated.  All of our experience out of state just goes to prove the lack of rehabilitation and the focus of warehousing.  One can only hope that Idaho gets it together and these out of state moves come to an end.  

Trevor Booth
DOC #78409


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  1. I am saddened for your current hardships Trevor, and therefore wondering how violent your crimes were.
    Overcrowding is a problem everywhere, even here in UT. On Dec 21st, 2017, several non-violent arrestees were released to have Christmas with their families, time served. “Two hundred and seventy—some” of them.
    Trump has declared NY and TX as under Martial Law, and why perhaps you were moved there. I hope I’m wrong, but I would not expect any recourse to be availing themselves to you.
    With that said, if you were a violent offender, then so are all your roomies. Make your bonds with those you feel will have your back, because hard times are ahead.
    As always Trevor, God Bless you and keep you. But only through Jesus can you be saved and assured the kingdom of God. No matter how many people we killed.

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  2. I’m not from the US. Can anyone answer- is this a compulsory move across the country? Is this allowed? What about your visitors?


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