Davin Wallace

Introducing Davin Wallace

My name is Davin Leigh Wallace, I’m 43 years of age, I’ve been incarcerated in The Virginia Department Of Correction since 2006 & my expected release date is 2036. I’m a devoted follower of Christ which ironically came to be during this time I’ve been incarcerated. I use to get offended when people use to say I became Christian because I’m locked up. Now I understand & accept that they somewhat right. When free I had no plans of getting to know God nor changing my life as it was. So yes because God knew what it would take for me to finally break & call on Him, He let it be. So I’m thankful for the time & place that God allow me to experience so that I would come to knowing & desiring Him. I’m also a proud & devoted father of 2 boys, 3 girls & 3 grandsons. I’m very supported by my friend & sister in Christ their mother Kydada Lewis. I was raised in Afton Avenue apartments in Richmond, Va., but my family is originally from Baltimore, Md.. I have 4 siblings who I’ve been separated from for years due to my own & my mothers so call “street life”. I’ve been in & out of correction facilities since 15years old & each time the time got longer. I always lied to myself that I had no option but to do what & go where I knew. Unfortunately what I knew was what I limited myself to know. As a young boy & then an unwise adult I became accustomed to the normal life of drug selling & using, street deaths, uneducated, doing time etc. to the point anything else was to good to be true. I make no excuse to create a reason for my life of crime & disappointments, but I often wish I & my mother & siblings could have had help & experienced a better life or was taught of the better options, & do regret & apologize to all whom my decisions effected. As an adult & juvenile I’ve been locked up & convicted over 4 times for drug possession & or distribution. It was always small amounts of drugs, but I’ve learned that even the smallest drug dealer & user can sometimes have the biggest effect on a community & families, but I never would have thought my actions would have called for 34years. Me & Kydada Lewis have a business, “Built 4 Business” enterprise that we use for the vine of our business branches which we plan on using for many other branches to provide of course for our family but to give business opportunities & jobs to all communities & people. We also have a blue print for a non profit organization, A.C.E In 1,inc.(ADULTS, CHILDREN & ELDERS IN 1) that will specifically give attention to the dire needs of broken communities, families, abused women & children, drug addicts, released convicted felons, young parents, the elderly, veterans, struggling business areas & more. My personal goal is to give back & help restore the communities I help destroy & those alike, while A.C.E IN 1 & B.4.B agenda is to assist the government in creating a better & safer living & business environment for all communities in need for this type of uplifting & cleaning up.
Wherever I’m at my mind & heart is on serving the Lord by faith & in love. Since I’ve been incarcerated I have had the privilege to become licenced/certified in plumbing & HVAC. Im currently fighting to either have my sentenced reduced or have my case overturned due to ineffective assistance of counsel & other errors concerning my arrest & search warrant & affidavit. My main argument is that my lawyer failed to properly file my appeal by not submitting the search warrant & affidavit in my case which was/is the grounds of my whole argument & then while waiting for an appeal answer my lawyer Raul Nova was disbarred for many other misconducts such as drug use, stealing, lieing & misrepresentation concerning other clients of his, and by him nor the firm he worked for not informing me of his disbarment but much later by the Bar Association after many complaints I was time barred by the courts which made my legal fight harder. Be clear I’m not seeking to plead my innocence nor go without punishment but I do seek to have a fair trial w/adequate counsel & to be reasonably sentenced.

My contact info:

Davin Wallace #1101851
426 U.O.W
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, Virginia 23922.

I can be contacted by mail or jpay emailing.

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