David Bomber


“BOBBY! MICHEEEELLE!” Dawn screamed at the top of her lungs. She was the oldest of my sisters and four years my senior. “Where did those dogs come from and who put them in my room?”
The way she was screaming and carrying on caused Bobby to come flying out of his bedroom. He is the oldest out all of us siblings. Even though he was only fourteen at the time he was still technically in charge whenever our parents weren’t around, which was frequently. Most of the time he shirked that responsibility altogether. Usually it was Dawn who played the role of the surrogate parent. With her bossy attitude, it was fitting.
“Dogs? What are you talking about?” Bobby asked.
Dawn was furious. “Try going into my room!” she exclaimed. The room that she was referring to was actually the family room downstairs. However, my parents turned it into a makeshift bedroom to accommodate both Dawn and Michelle. “I tried going in there, but there’s a bunch of dogs in there,” she said frantically. “As soon as I walked in there one of ’em showed me his teeth and growled at me. I am lucky that I didn’t get bit!”
“What am I supposed to do about it?” Bobby asked. There was a telltale sign of irritation in his voice. “Go take it up with Michelle. It is her room too. Maybe she put them in there.” With that being said, he went back to his room and shut the door.
“Well someone put them dogs in there and someone is gonna get them out of my bedroom, NOW!” she boomed. When that didn’t seem to get anyone’s attention, she boomed again. “MICHELLLE, GET DOWN HERE NOOOW!”
Michelle wasn’t anywhere around. She was off wandering the neighborhood just like Stephanie and I was. The only difference was Michelle was with some of the neighborhood kids doing what a typical ten year old would do, whereas Stephanie and I were out policing the neighborhood for more dogs to take home with us.
It was a system that I had came up with and pretty simplistic in nature for both a five year old and a seven year old. One of us would retrieve a piece of Bologna from the refrigerator, then we would traverse the neighborhood in search of potential pooches. Once a target was found, we simply fed the dog the Bologna. Then we either untethered it or let it out their pen and coaxed the animal to follow us back to our house. Getting the dog into the house undetected was quite simple. There was a back door to the house that led into the basement where Dawn and Michelle’s “bedroom” was. Once we deposited the dog into the family room and shut the door, the hunt would begin anew to add more dogs to our “lottery.”

Next in the series – Against the System: In the beginning – Part 3

Contact the author at:

David Bomber #1130793
Nottoway Correction Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, Va. 23922

email me @ http://www.jpay.com by submitting my name or Virginia State ID number: 1130793.

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