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Yes! I say this because I sit here behind these walls because I fell in love with a woman that I trully thought loved me the same as I loved her.No! all that changed when she let another man who I found out later was the main reason why she did what she did. Just when I had no choice to stand up for my step children out of sudden outrage I’m in prison. I only choose to mention a little of this because it helps me to vent at times but soon I’ll be able to let the world know that all good men get the worst end of love even when we try to do right.Before I close I am happy to say that without God and family support I wouldn’t be able to do this.(even thou I attempted suicide once)I know I’m here for a purpose so whomever read this it may be you that needed to know that even under my circumstances LIFE is worth living for…

DOC #473-104

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  1. Shawn, that is a weird letter. I’m sorry you fell for someone who was just passing through, and your replacement obviously came.
    It doesn’t change the fact that in some way, you violated some laws…maybe through violence, which is never acceptable.
    You’re going to have a tougher time assuring those in authority that it won’t happen again, because you’ve even tried to hurt yourself…again, another crime.
    So here’s reality. 10% of relationships blossom and are forever. My foster parents being an example.

    Although it was Mrs. O’Leary’s second marriage because her 1st husband cheated on her. Mr. O’Leary was single upon their meeting.
    They almost dated for a year and then married. 46 years until mama died in 2006. Dad remained faithful, dieing exactly 4 years later on what would have been their 50th wedding anniversary.
    Hearts explode with passion, and when that passion leaves one of the pair, it’s over. Period. I am sorry for your loss, and you are right, it’s time to get on with YOUR life.

    Anecdotes are little stories which relate similarities with something we are familiar with…so here goes.
    If you go to a restaurant and have a wonderful meal, you do not dispute the check, instead you pay it, most times leaving an acceptable tip.
    Quit complaining about the food that was scrumptious to you only moments before. You will have plenty more meals before your life is through…hopefully. Unless you bring this past one up while dining with your new one.
    Find forgiveness from God, through Jesus Christ, and the Spirit will strengthen you. It works that easily. Best to you Shawn.


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