Paul Stotts

“Trump and Stormy Daniels… were all adults here, but some of us (hint hint Trump… are married”) By Paul Stotts

We all know sex sells right!? Just check your local media outlets… they have got to get the ratings! It’s 2018 and CNN is running story after story that hadlines the president and who??? A pornstar??? That’s right. So how did all this come about?
Heres what I’ve been able to gather. Rummors started circling about this contraversy via the rumor mill. We all know, espically anyone that knows anything about prison life, that rumors spring investigations and investigations spring fact checks. In this case it appears questions were asked about a non-disclouser agreemet between the president and Stormy pre-election time.
When press secretary, Sarah Sanders, so honestly (we’ve got to give her that, right?!) answered a reporters question that indeed “an arbitration was won in the presidents favor,” this sprung deep contraversy as of the meaning of this statement.
I believe to this day the president is still insisting that he was not in a relationship with the pornstar. Trump… is it maybe time to come clean?
I know Melania is your beautiful wife… I know that you want to run for reelection… but let’s face it, if you were to just come clean and tell the American people that you like a pornstar and somehow fanagled a relationship with her, I personally don’t think it would hurt your relationship with Melania or your chance for reelection.
It seems that the old fashion values of civility, fidelity, and morality are exactly that, old fashion. I’ve heard that Stormy is now offering to give trump back the $130,000 hush money that she was paid. Trymp… You should have never paid the money in the first place. If this came out preelection, I doubt it would have effected the election in any way.
The thing that most consurns me is the values that are being blasted on our president. Married couples should stay true to eachother. That is the values that american was built on.
The constitutional right to free speach includes adult films and gives people like Stormy a way to make a unique living. As at this time, the subject that seems a bit taboo is being shined in the spotlight. Let me assure you, being in an all male institution, there are many that are happy there are beautiful femail models out there. At this point, it appears that the president of the United States tends to agree with us prisoners on aglease this subject. Or according to him… he doesn’t agree, as he is denieing the affair. Where will the facts lead… I don’t know, but now I’ve heard stormy Daniels has given an interview to 60 minutes that will soon air.
It only getts more interesting. I’d have to guess the ratings will be high for this viewing… Trump… please hold our contry together and remember… Honesty is the best policty.

Paul Stotts
DOC #93319

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