Jonathan Banks

What Is (IT)? By: Jonathan Banks

What is this IT?That is so pleasant to the eyes.Cause temptations to rise and a heart that fights within on where it resides…..
Some say that IT is sweet, also labled a bitch! Wealth or health,with or without, but what makes IT so rich???
Often tooken for granted, spaced out on existence. But conjures smiles and frowns,laugh or cries and surface all remembrance of bliss…..
IT gives and gives,then gives some more!!!Ever so giving until it can’t no more…..
ITS nature of obligated actions to the world speaks for itself. Such a wonderful sight!!!New or old,good or bad,I come to know this IT in a existence as a Woman and this woman is LIFE!!!

Jonathan Banks
DOC #AD2935

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  1. I had never considered that Life could be a woman, and visa versa. Yet I liked the premise of your poem, intangible while manifesting into reality. I’ll take one for each day of the year, thank you.
    Best to you Jonathan and God Bless.


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