Thank you Suzie and InmateBlogger by Stephen Newman

I’d like to send out a congratulations to InmateBlogger, and its founder, Suzie, who works tirelessly day and night to allow us inmates the opportunity to share our true stories, and to allow you (lucky free-world people) the opportunity to read our blogs.

March has been InmateBlogger’s best month yet. Traffic is increasing exponentially, and news media are starting to take notice. This is awesome news for us, but it also means lots more work for Suzie.

InmateBlogger provides this service free to all inmates. I encourage anyone who has a few extra dollars to click the “donate” link above or visit

Even just $5 can go a long way to help. To express my appreciation, I will match any donations made between now and April 10th, up to a total of $200. You donate $10, I’ll donate $10 more. You donate $7, I’ll donate $7 more. It’s the least we can do to keep this trendsetting blog running strong, and to show Suzie how much we appreciate her and her hard work on InmateBlogger.

Stephen Newman
DOC #90843


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  1. Suzie I’m a prisoners Mom and I’m getting back to work after chemotherapy and I will be donating ASAP…. have to get my health back first- and yes you’re growing fast – I am shamelessly plugging you!! Bear up – I’ll send what help I can.

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