Michael Horton

Introducing Michael Horton

31 years old,locked up on 8/12/2006 release date 8/5/2031,i am outgoing,caring,love to meet new people and i am fun.dont let my past mistakes make you think negative of me because i came a long way and i am really a good man.my contact info is michael horton#A522576 if u write the address is p.o.box 56 lebanon ohio 45036 and if u like to text then go to http://www.jpay.com and add my name and number to it.God bless…here’s my blog..
1)sleepless nights by michael horton
2)its late and i am up unable to sleep.i wonder is it because i’m so use to having plenty of rest or am i stressing?am i nervous or do i have something on my mind?i will never know but i been locked up almost 12 years and i had many sleepless nights.i named this blog sleepless nights because why do we have a problem sleeping especially when u been doing something all day rather it’s working,exercising,sports or anything and we still can’t sleep.is it because of something mentally.i am a very strong man and i always educate myself and stay positive but i am human so i do have my own problems.i didn’t think i stess but i must be if i am not sleeping well.i must hide my emotions because of the environment i’m in and its starting to catch up witht me.i am hoping that me blogging this will help me.

Michael Horton
DOC #A522576

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  1. I have a lot of trouble sleeping too, since I was a child. Writing helps me to get my emotions and worries out, so hopefully blogging will help you too!


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