Tommie Boone


I wanna start by saying thank you for reading this message. That’s exactly what it is. This is a message, a call to all men, to step up and be the leaders and teachers that true manhood demands them to be. A whole generation of men to be are looking to you, for the guidance, and push to become men themselves. As men it is our duty to lead, protect, provide and handle all other responsibilities to ensure that our families and communities are safe and prosperous. To lead does not mean that you have absolute authority, it means you bring your experience and courage to situations. It also means being a listener, father, husband, partner, and friend there in times of difficulties, or when help is needed to make significant decisions. Too many boys are going through the stages of boyhood, to adolescence, to manhood, without proper mentoring from another man. Growing up in Toledo Ohio i ran the streets without any mentor or father figure. I learned most of what i knew then from my peers and B.E.T. So when it came time for me to step up and handle my responsibilties, i didnt know exactly how to do that. We see this same problem with aspiring men today. Then i reached an age where i should’ve been ready for adulthood, but my thinking only had evolved to the step of adolesence, and was stuck there. Therefore i made childish decisions. today i am 30 years old, and through reading and experience, as well as a good mentor, i’ve learned quite a bit about what it means to be a man. i would like to share what i’ve learned with those men who are still searching for those answers. Also i challenge those men who knows what it takes in the journey of becomig a man to teach the upcoming generation and men alike. the lack of mentors and men stepping up, leaves our world filled with men of age with the tendencies of boyhood. I invite men and women to blog with me. I would love to hear any opinions or feedback even if you dont agree, every voice counts. Im still learning and i dont have all the answers. For the sake of our future men to be, we can take a journey together for the betterment of our world communities. We should adapt the old phrase “each one teach one”. Im currently serving a 7 year sentence. my outdate is in June of 2023 hopefully to change soon. So amongst this topic i will be speaking on other topics i believe to be relevant and pertinent to the betterment of our communities. I will also include poems, and short stories written by myself. All in all i want blogging with Tommie Ca$h (my nickname) to be an experience that leaves readers uplifted, and in good spirits. I want readers to laugh, learn, cry and use my writings as a daily inspiration. Im about elevation. If you want to contact me directly you can find me on name Tommie Boone#729-277. or you can write me address Tommie Boone #729-277 Leci p.o. box 56 Lebanon Ohio 45036

Tommie Boone
DOC #729-277

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