PRISON by Ronald Murphy

its a whole nother world in, same temptatons, same drama but still different envirment! ypu wpuld thonk being in prison you wouldnt be faced withh your weakness as much, if drugs was your weakness or downfall but too be real your faced eith it prolly more! not oonly cause ite here ALOT but cause theres really not much to do to keep from ot. Boredom, depression, loneleyness all these things can lead you right to your weakness!Especially if priisons dont offer more to help rebilitate or keep us busy! they just put us in prison and hope we change in stead of helping us do just that!!

Ronnie Murphy
DOC #695-616

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  1. Prison is not a place of rehabilitation, you have to decide in your heart if you want to change despite the things they offer or don’t offer in there. But if you truly want to be rehabilitated, it can be found in the pages of the bible, Jesus is His name but He said that you must be born again. I know what you are going through and know how you feel because once upon a time I was there and it was Jesus, while I was in prison, who brought true change and rehabilitation:)


  2. This is a sad state of affairs. Money is being invested into building the prisons, but not building the people inside of them. It is an unfortunate reality that everything always comes back to the numbers. What is there around you that you could potentially use to make the situation better (not trying to be funny) that may also be used once your time is finished?

    In other words, do not wait for the system to make things better for you. Because it will never happen. Take your personal development into your own hands. Use whatever resource that may be available. Believe it or not, life is the pretty much same on the outside as well. It is how you perceive your situation and what you decide to do with that insight into your situation to make things as best as they can be.

    Praying for you…


  3. Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. God’s word is a good place to start the rehabilitation. I can’t imagine how hard it is but I know my God can do anything. He just asks us to follow Him, trust in His Son to be our Savior. Praying the words you read lead to you the peace and strength of God.

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