Karen Newberry

Hoping for Positive Changes in the Mail Room by Kari Newberry

Long over due changes ,ie. movement of one over zealous officer, have finally came to Lee Arrendale ,thank you Warden Benton for taking action…. friends and family were held to Officer Bush’s changing moods and subject to changing rules and standard for mail ….nothing was consistent but changed daily ……Mr .Blaylock,is now the mail officer and is fair…..Mr.Young did that job for 30 years and it is not an easy job so best of luck to Mr.Blaylock,I know that it is a thankless demanding job but now that ,the evil one is out of his way ,it should be much easier……again thanks to Warden Benton for not leaving people with axes to grind as a go between between us and our family’s……it really helps that our warden alls does the right thing for us and does care…..

Karen Newberry
G.D.C. 952642
Lee Arrendale State Prison
Box 709. Alto Ga. 30510

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  1. The mailroom has had some issues for sure! I’m glad that they are doing better. Someone I sent a book to months ago finally got it last week. I gutit came out from hiding. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to keep all that mail stray, but it is a very important job and I say thanks to whoever makes communication between inmates and those who are friend and family…😊


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