Matthew Epperson

TGIW by Matthew Epperson

Thank God It’s the Weekend. Humor me with your stories. What was one of the craziest weekends you ever had? What are you going to be doing this weekend? If some of you don’t know how to contact me, go to and type in my name and inmate number (#284812) Woo me. Enchant me. Tell me a good story about a weekend. Or, a night on the weekend. I’ll go first.

July 2014, I was working in a factory and finding stability in my life. So, why not break up the monotony? I purchased a ticket to Mad Decent Block Party in Nashville without a clue how I was going to get there. I had just gotten paid, had a bag of grass, and mushrooms, and a 150 cc scooter. Yes, I had every intention of taking a 3 hour interstate ride from Louisville to Nashville and turning it into a 5 hour, backroad, scooter extravaganza. Fortunately, a co-worker of mine broke the bike a day before I was suppose to go. A sign? Not for this trooper. I needed to get there and get back within the same 24 hours. (Couldn’t afford a hotel and… I went alone) So, I blew 150 dollars on an immediate Grayhound ticket and set sail. Have any of your take the Greyhound before? The worlds classiest people use this transportation. It’s usually a wild ride.

I arrived at the terminal and hiked the serveral miles to where the party was JUMPIN! Much to my dismay, I stood in line for 2 hours waiting to enter only to turn around because a K-9 unit was patroling the entrance. I got out of line, ate ALL of the mushrooms, and hid the Mary Jane. The concert, however, was great. I saw Big Gigantic, Riff Raff, Major Lazor, and numerous others. At night fall, Zedds Dead was in full swing until a man got up on stage and told everyone to run for the hills, a storm was coming. Being the shroom induced attendee that I was, noticed the other drug induced people, because we all started running and screaming our heads off. It was mayhem. I hid underneath a bypass and met some cool folks. We waited out the rain and went our seperate ways. The shrooms got heavier and heavier until I was scowering down town Nashville like a zombie. Scared to death to go into a bar with normal people, I roamed around for the next 4 hours wissing in the bushes and chasing shadow people. I had a 5 a.m. rendezvous at the bus terminal. They packed us into that bus like sardines which made for a HORRIBLE come down. Depressing times right there. But, I’d do it all over again if I could. =)

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812


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  1. Class A misdemeanor; <1 yr and/or <$2,500; that's for TN.
    For the first offense of possession of an illegal substance, you can face up to a year in jail and/or a fine up to $5,000; for most other states.
    Either way it was risky, and can also cost you your licence for 6 months. Then an SR22 (like triple the insurance others pay).

    So seeings how we're talking about drugs (which I did for 25 years); in the mid 70's I was an experienced acid user (10 years and about 3000 hits). Therefore all my friends had me drive us to and from concerts. After attending a Mountain concert in Long Beach CA, we had to travel the 30 miles back to Orange County. I was doing about 110 mph when one of the guys in the back seat said, "hey, isn't that our transfer freeway?" And it was. I stepped on the brakes and down shifted to 3rd gear dropping the cars speed to about 80. It was a sweeping right curve that took us 90 degrees in another direction. All the way up and through the turn, we were completely sideways, slowing to 75 before the wall and the bend. My left rear quarter panel banged against the wall with a loud thud, and we shot onto the change over, soon hitting a hundred before I settled down enough to go back into 4th gear.

    Two funny things happened during that. The car that was in front of us watched us coming at him sideways, his eyes as big as baseballs. Once we passed him and got into traffic, I pulled over onto the emergency shoulder, all of us getting out to check to see if we were dead…because nobody could do what we had just done. And that's why I drive sports cars. Anything else and we would have flipped, who knows how many times, and probably would have been killed.

    With all that said, I quit acid on Christmas 1988, just after the Monsters of Rock concert in San Diego where Metallica opened the show. The local band Dokken was next and The Scorpions were third. Because it was a Van Halen production, Sammy Hagar and Eddie closed out the show for us. I have been a Metallica fan ever since.
    And in 1990, quit alcohol and drugs, being clean now 28 years. I am an adamant supporter of pro-choice; meaning I should not impress my will upon your decisions, however, I know it was wrong, and could've hurt people many times over through my addictions.
    Be safe, be cool, and stay alive.


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