Deitrekk D. Boone

Introducing Deitrekk D. Boone

Deitrekk D. Boone 706720 I’m 24 birthday April 13th, and the date I got incarcerated was 12/4/13 my out date is 12/4/21 but I do have a lot pending so hopefully things go as planned 9times out of 10 things will go as planned. But I’m from Toledo Ohio. I’m a author/writer/entrepreneur.Somethings to know about me I was raised in the streets but always been my self,never really the following type.I’m a good listener,a good peoples person,and I love to smile and laugh and just make everyday better than yesterday.I’m very confident in my self and I’m always into learning news things that can better me or my circle. I’m also into education and business.I’m experimental, and love exploring.I spend my days in prison planning to profession so that my visions can become reality. I had to find myself and learn who I was before I was able to start taking the steps I need to in life and serve my purpose.I’m into writing about many different things,like urban books,motivation,encouragement, determination, and knowledge books.On that topic I come many different ways, short story, true story,shows,comedy,speeches, poems,spoken word, and so much more to be honest I feel there is nothing I can’t write about.I have been told by many that my point of view is very unique and touching. businesses,I’m currently working on a non profit organization.To help out the problems in poverty and the communities around the world thats similar to where I came from, starting with the youth. I really hope that my words can create the power,strength, and unity that’s need to help change the problems in the community. If I strike your interest please feel free to read about me more I will keep you monthly undated on here and if you have any questions or more ideas for me to write about you can talk to me directly on by using my name and number to look me up.My first few books will be published soon!

Deitrekk D. Boone
DOC #706720

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  1. I hope you get a good editor, because they’ll be hard pressed to keep up with the spelling and punctuation errors.
    And we don’t call them blueprints, we call them White Papers. Business plans.
    As for Toledo, I couldn’t ask for a better venue for jazz experiences, anywhere else in America. Unless it’s Santa Monica CA.
    But I admire your strength and determination in achieving your dreams, which is why I am critiquing your post.

    Even though Will Smith’s life altered drastically when his parents parted at his young age of 13, the streets of Philadelphia did not keep him down. He admired and emulated the street scene of rapping. Even starting his own career at 17, doing just that. Calling himself The Fresh Prince. 10 years later in 1990, he was added to, or was created around his persona, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
    Everything is possible. But he was articulate only because he studied extensively. Truly a self made man. Hard shoes to step into.
    But if you’re going to do it, you have to impress the investors, and your introduction Deitrekk, isn’t going to cut it.
    God Bless you, and strengthen you. It’s a long road ahead. 3 & 1/2 years should be enough time.


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