Matthew Epperson

Springtime by Matthew Epperson

One of the most glorious seasons is spring. The outdoors are filled with wonder: The cacophony of birds screaming at one another, all of the animal kingdom is in rape mode, the air is striking pandemonium on the sinuses, and the winter flesh is sagging and beaming in the 50 degree sun. My favorite. Oh, and cabin fever is relieved with music festivals and concerts.

If any of you all are in the east-central region of Kentucky come the end of April, go to Terrapin Farm for the Cabin Fever Reliever Festival. On an oraganic farm in Harrodsburg, Ky, Terrapin Farm hosts three different magor bluegrass festivals in spring, summer, and autumn. Bring your camping gear and plent of water.

Jason Isbell was on World Cafe last night with Talliah Shlanger (Lord, please let that be how her name is spelled) for an encore edition recorded back in June ’17. At that time, Isbell had just released his new album The Nashville Sound and the acclaim has sky-rocketed. Winning a Grammy for best Americana album and a singular Grammy for best Americana song If We Were Vampires, Isbell has much to show the world with his solo career after leaving The Driveby Truckers. In my opinion, this album is a hit from start to finish. Cover Me, Last of my Kind, Hope the Highroad, Cumberland Gap, and Something to Love are just a few. I hope you all get the opportunity to check out the jams if you haven’t already.

This is how good music, writing, art, etc. gets heard. Word of mouth. From a reliable source, word of mouth can have detrimental or salubrious effect on ones reputation. But, how can a reputation have any effect without word of mouth? I hope you all share these topics with your friends and family and I hope that your friends and family are aware of my book, “A Splendid Compromise” that I hope to publish this fall.

Go see something live!!

Matthew Epperson
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