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“…Welcome to the room with people who have rooms of people that they loved one day docked away…” Twenty One Pilots
Today I read about two men in California’s San Quentin State Prison. These guys made history as creators of the very first podcast from behind prison walls. “Ear Hustle” discusses everyday life in prison. Its not just the incarcerated individuals but some of the staff participate too. There is no censorship by the prison officials. The very first episode of Ear Hustle has been downloaded more than ONE MILLION times! Props guys! I wish jpay would let us download podcasts. Even though I’m in prison these guys, Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams, are onto something. Ear Hustle has been featured in Rolling Stone, Columbia Journalism Review, The Atlantic, Al Jazeera, The Financial Times, and even Vogue.

Also I’d really like to write Ross William Ulbricht. He’s in a supermax federal prison. In my opinion his sentence is too harsh and one day I’d like to be an advocate for him. Can anyone help me? What are the rules and regulations for the facility he is housed in? Is he expected to spend the entirety of his sentence in Florence Colorado? Thanks in advance for everything.

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  1. I do not know how to help you…yet. But I am impressed and pleased about what you want to do.
    As a follower of this blog effort and Tiago, I will add anything I find so as to aid you and others in their goals.
    God Bless, and good luck.


  2. I am lost in admiration that, in the middle of the truly inhuman life conditions in which you yourself live, when you are given a voice to the world what you choose to do with it is to affirm and celebrate the positive achievements of fellow unfortunates, and marshall information and energy to assist your fellowman. Do you know how wonderful you are? PS This is great writing too.

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