Devaughn Mcqueen

locked up the prison life by Devaughn McQueen

I want to say some things about this life we are in when we come to prison OK I have been down for 15years and when I say it has not been beautiful believe me it has not I no we all have did what we did to get locked up but at the end of the day we are still people that should be looked at as people not looked at as just a number or like we are dogs I have been to s.o.c.f ( lucasville) and now I am at Lebanon and they are both prison that are down south of Ohio and I have to say been a black man in them two prison is hell the things we have to just let go so they do not jump on you is crazy I have my self been called ever thing from a black boy to a nigger and what I am say is to not look at it that we are locked up that we are just OK because we are not at all times we no how it feel when we see that a white cop have killed a black man or woman and they do not do a thing about it because the same things go on in here for is a lot I want to say but I do not want them to stop my mail from going out or come to me with a lot of the b.s. they be on but at the same time we need people to no we are not safe in here they just make it look that way they will not put on the news what they have did to us but they will put it on the news what a inmate have did.I just want people to open they eyes and see we are still people to.thank you! Devaughn McQueen 443-443 56,Lebanon,oh,45036 or you can write me on

Devaughn McQueen
DOC #443-443

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  1. Devaughn, I am isolated from the world you live in. What you have written is very powerful — and very disturbing. I am sickened that you would be called disrespectful names and fear for your safety. You are correct that you should not be treated with disrespect. I don’t know whether you are a Christian, but whether you are or not please know that you are in my prayers. God bless.

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  2. Devaughn, your spelling is atrocious. That being said, you know how much work you have to do to better yourself. Guards and cops aside.
    My last 4 months incarcerated was in New Iberia Louisiana. They still have chain gangs there. A 200 year old plaster prison with no clear windows to look out of. And you had to fight the cockroaches for a spot on your bunk.
    During my short time there, I was on a floor (it was 6 floors between ground to roof), which had 5 four man cells facing each other, with the aisle between them, and a day room at the end of the hall which contained another 30 prisoners. The day room guests were the violent ones and not allowed into our cells, but we were allowed to share their card table.
    After about a month there, another white gut arrived and was put into our cell (we were the only two). The bunkie below me was short, on his last year.
    The other was still 4 years to go. Prejudice runs deep there, and my roomie was not happy with two blacks and us two whites, and ask for a change. The guards laughing, said sure, and put him in the day room. He was only 19, and his first night there, was raped to death.
    Held to the bars, screaming for over three hours with no one responding. So I know how tough it is. That it seems like no one cares.
    But some people do, and it starts with you. Love yourself enough to learn to read and write well. Practice your writing skills so that you can teach others less fortunate than yourself. And learn to love others.
    Christ only gave us one commandment; that we love our neighbor as we love our self. Believe me, the other 10 are very important too.
    However, as you bring the light into you, it leaks out all over the place. We must therefore expect to effect change through what we do, and who we are. We are children of God, and so are they. God Bless you and good luck.


  3. I’m reblogging this to my sister site Success Inspirers World. That means it’s now a post on that site also, looking just like it does, with your name on it as author and all your information

    That site is worldwide and brings a couple thousand quality readers every day. You may rest assured your words are being heard.

    Blessings to you and to all of you, my good brother.

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