John Higgins

Introduction by John Higgins

I believe things happen for a reason and this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better thank you and to all those who are with name is john higgins , I’m 33 ,and I was born and raised in a small village called lakemore right outside of Akron.its not the place to take a vacation.I am currently serving an 11 year sentence for aggravated robbery. since the age of twelve I have been in and out of facilities, but this is the one that shook the dumbness out of my old writing a intro is harder then I thought.I’m going to just put the basics in here and then the next one will be the blog thing. you want to know something crazy, I have never seen you tube or the twitter or a blog.crazy huh.I like to think of myself as a laid back happy go lucky type of guy.I enjoy arts of all kind.I have been drawing my whole life and in the past few years I have been doing tattoo work.and anything that has to do with outside I’m game.there’s a lot I’m going to be talking about in these will range from anything and everything.I appriciat you giving me this opportunity and the readers will not be bored.
my outdate is April of 2020. the address here to reach me through mail is

John Higgins #573-408
p.o. box 56
Lebanon Ohio, 45036.

and there is jpay.that is the easiest guys have a good day.bye.


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  1. In 1986 John, I did 90 days in the Hampton City Jail in Virginia, awaiting my arraignment. I was one of two white guys locked up with 3,600 black guys; and it was a challenge just to stay alive. However I met and was befriended by a fellow named D. Brown.
    Everybody knew him. He had been the high schools star running back, and thought he had a bright future ahead.
    But he did a stupid thing, and robbed a liqueur store at 19. After a year of down time, his release sent him back to his neighborhood, where he joined a gang and hurt some people. That cost him 3 more years.
    Never going to realize his dream of being a pro football player, he became a little despondent and argued with interviewers that he was a responsible person, and could and should be hired for the jobs he was applying for. But no one gave him a chance.
    After having to move from house to house, and couch to couch, he finally did the worst thing anyone can do, he robbed a gas station with a shot gun. It did not matter that it was unloaded. 3 strikes. So here was this 24 year old athlete with nothing to look forward to but the rest of his life behind bars. I wrote several appeal letters for him, without achieving any success. He was my only friend there.
    I agree with Chris Lovie-Tyler, that the internet with it’s twitter and fb crap is unnecessary, but you are getting short. Only 2 years to go.
    Read, read, read. Write, write, write. Be someone we want to embrace when you are freed. Best to you.


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