Ahmad Golson

Introducing Ahmad Golson

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This is coming from Ahmad Golson

Inmate 731732

I am a Christian who made a simple mistake
I am on the mental health caseload
I want to go to college because
The first time I come to prison
I dropped out of high school
I have a GED,But no job skills

My birthdate is 8/05/1981
I turn 37 yrs. old this August

I know that this is a long time to have been coming back and forth to prison
And so maybe if I can find me another route
I have been deprived of so much
Simply because I have not been out in society for long during the past 15 yrs. due to my being incarcerated just all on robberies

I need to relocate
And I am seeking to find my soulmate here
Maybe someone Overseas or anywhere outside of ohio Someone who can help me to get on my feet and to look out for me as I finish up my time on my last time being incarcerated.

Ahmad Golson #731732
Lebanon Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 56
Lebanon,OH. 45036


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  1. Ahmad, being a Christian is certainly the most important decision you can make. Whether there be a soul-mate anywhere for you is not as important as your soul doing right unto others. Keep reading and writing, and listening to the prompts inside your head and heart when they come. Other routes are presented to us all the time, but we allow our will to divert HIS, and that usually isn’t a good thing.
    God Bless you, and good luck.


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