Fayvun Manning

[[[“NEW ME”]]] by Fayvun Manning (Ffmb Eae(Bey)

Everyday I live a life of pain and suffering because of what I did in my past, and everyday I AM reminded of my actions by myself because I wont let it happen again and because, I cant forget how much hurt I caused many.
I lost myself to the streets as many of our young people are in this age and I was unable to find myself without the right help. Twenty years later I have turnt my life around 360*, beleive it or not, but I have found myself in prison. Is that strange?
I wonted to make a difference in my life not only because of the things that I have gotten cought for but for the things that I have also gotten away with.
I started reading about GOD and found out that man and woman are a part of GOD and that we can become GOD like if we gave our heart’s mind’s to the all of good. I’m not saying that I have 100% given myself to GOD , but I AM around about 79%-89% there and im still inclining upwards towards that state of mind.
I’m sad and sorry for what I did and I know that I cant take back the past, that’s some thing that I will have to live with for the rest of my life, but I can help where ever GOD deems it fit. I serve GOD and not my own passions and desires, I became a man here and I AM thankful to know GOD and humanity, life in it’s self. I AM only here to serve GOD.
To those who love committing crimes bringing harm to those who’s just tring to just be themselfs, you should take a minute befoe you take that action and ask yourself “is this truely right or even worth it”. Think about the people you harm because its not just that person that your thinking about bringing harm to, but his family, your family, the public and those who’s around. Everyone is affected by your actions, so think before you act.
Most of the time you are not thinking anyway, lets learn how to think so we can become better Fathers and Mothers, Bigger Brothers and Sisters for not only our children but others children, you may be the only book a person gets to read so think about what you intend to bring into this world its already to much hate lets try a little bit of love and see how that works.
Start thinking about what will happen to, how many families you are about to harm including yours. Stop draging your family throught the mud and learn how to love GOD, then and only then can you release some presure and be at PEACE with yourself. I AM juet your Brother trying to walk the way. Peace and Light friends.
El Dorado Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 311
El Dorado, Kansas 67042
Ffmb Bey(Eae)

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