Fayvun Manning

“#PEACE” by Fayvun Manning (Ffmb Eae)

The “PEACE” that comes from within is the peace that I would like to speak about today. The “PEACE” that eveyone seeks from without can only be found within your heart.
If you can find the strength to overcome your loose desires and draw a circle around your passions and desires for those thing that are of no worth, then you can find yourself within the inner mind of your GOD of the day.
Did you know that your present state of mind is your GOD, at that moment in time. A man or womens idea is his or her GOD, what ever you let control your MIND or shall I say the actions of your soul, is the MASTER of that house controling your every word and action.
Its not good to let something not of this world take a form and runn it into the ground, that being the case, how do you expect to enjoy “PEACE”? There is only one way that “PEACE” may be obtained, and it is through understanding yourself controling the thoughts that you have the power over.
Come on now, is it hate that you wond promote or love for yourself and humanity? You have to find the WILL to serve those who are of no kin, the stranger at your gate, and more importantly the foe who seeks to do you harm. I’m not saying, let the next man or women harm you but see life for what it is then can you be at “PEACE” with yourself and your surroundings,(I hope that word is spelled correct if not, someone told me thats how its spelled O well).
Untill you learn how to be at “PEACE” and love yourself, you wont be able to be at “PEACE” or love someone else so learn how to Love yourself first so that you can start being at “PEACE” and loving humanity. I LOVE YOU bcause you are me and I AM you, I AM just your brother PEACE and LIGHT sons and daughters.
El Dorado Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 311
El Dorado, Kansas
Ffmb Bey(Eae)

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