by Ronald Johnson

I at times wonder does the American people realize whats going inside the prison system and the Court rooms around the country? Do America thinks it isn’t any issues with the people who man prisons, if a Police offer lacks in common sence judgement who has been given Trainning, what does America think happen in the prison systems(KANSAS). By pitting poor people against other poor people isa major disaster, for one here at Eldorado Correctional Facility, in Kansas as general population prisoners we now have Two fenced in pens without any shelter or Any RESTROOMS, and last night we were made to stay inside the pens untill the 6or7 officers felt like letting us out to go inside the cellhouse to use the restroom,being pulling ones dick out to piss on the yard is a violation of the rules,but not having a restroom to piss or shit in outside.Look these poor poeple with a job no no better the are only following orders given, just as Hilter’s Nazi croonies said. We even have a few with rank that where Jack Boots, which is what the Nazi’s wore, this is 2018 at El Dorado Correctional Facility Right here in the Heart Of America in KANSAS!!!!!whats wrong with this???? Please post this Copy and resend, A Man in a Struggle: Uplifting Fallen Humanity Is My Duty.

Ronald Johnson #79020
P.O. Box311
Eldorado, KS. 67042.

Get with me ASAP IT is work to do!!!

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