Nicole Bradley

“Given Up On By Others” by Nicole Bradley

I’m very sad right now. I got on a penpal site at

Anyhow, I was trying to find friends from all over the world to write to. I met some good people from this site. Even my best friend Lee met me on that site. But, it just really upsets me that someone would write me wanting to get to know me and they’d just give up on me for no reason. I’d get no explanation. I’d write them asking why I haven’t heard from them and I’d get no answer. Or, if they write me through JPay all of a sudden they’d delete me from their JPay contacts without even saying bye or any freaken explanation. Anyone I write to is important to me. I want to know about different countries and meet people from different countries. I want to make friends far and near, and just because someone might write me it doesn’t mean the next person has to stop. Unless they have other intentions in mind. Because I’d like to make something clear. I am NOT looking for a relationship. I am only looking for friends. (And if I do end up in a relationship with some that’s my personal business). But, friends are important to me. When someone writes me and changes their mind, it hurts. It hurts to be dropped with no explanation. I get my hopes up in thinking I’m going to make a new friendship, and then someone doesn’t have the decency to even say they don’t want to write anymore. Instead I have to wonder what I might have said or done wrong.

Anyhow, this blogging thing is new for me. I don’t get to see the posts or how things look on the blogger site. I don’t have internet access. I’m writing through a closed-circuit inmate messaging site called JPay. So, if someone comments on the blogs, I don’t know what they say. I don’t know if the comments are from someone I know or don’t know. But, just recently someone said they might stop writing because others do. And that breaks my heart. If we have something in common, why would you stop writing? One day, and hopefully soon, I’ll be home. And I intend on keeping in touch with anyone I write. Obviously someone giving up on me isn’t a real friend and shouldn’t be worth my time. Anyone who gives up on me is losing out on a good friend. Because I happen to think I’m a really good friend. I truly care about others. I try to make others smile as much as a friend might try to make me smile. I genuinely care about others.

So, if someone decides to write and they give up on me, just think about what you’re doing to me. I’m in prison. Getting my hopes up and then dashing them is a terrible thing to do someone that is locked up and cut off from society. I made mistakes in the past, but I’m not a bad person. I do know how to learn from my mistakes. Hearing from others is what helps me get through the day. You should feel ashamed for doing that to someone in my situation.

Please write me if you truly want to get to know me. Read my profile completely before writing me. Because if you find out after writing me for several weeks that you don’t want to write someone with a life sentence or that you don’t want to write someone who only wants a friend, then that means you didn’t read my profile completely. Because I’m very open and honest about myself. I have nothing to hide. Be sure that I’m the type of friend you seek before you send me mail. Because abandoning me is a messed up thing to do to me.

Nicole Bradley
DOC #W82508


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  1. Nicole, first my husband got cancer and after he died I got cancer. I write to somebody in prison and they understood my predicament. Maybe the J pay account was canceled because they couldn’t afford it anymore no excuses but it could be something beyond control . I have very little energy but my friend in prison is very understanding and I was able to share with him my predicament without feeling I was letting him down I almost didn’t tell him because it seemed so minor compared to being in prison but we are friends and I had to share. Take care!


  2. Nicole, I’m sorry about this getting you down. There may be a hundred different reasons why someone no longer writes,and it’s hard not to let your mind go into overdrive. This also happens on the other side of the fence all the time, it’s a feature of modern life all over. With social media, everyone can keep their options open and have lots of other distractions. I once dated a guy for six months. We’d met each other families. Once day, he just stopped replying and I never heard from him again. Lol! It hurt badly at the time, but I realised it was nothing to do with me, just his own issues. Try to not fixate on a penpal and keep relaxed about who you might write to.

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