Eddie Smith

Introducing Eddie Smith

My name is Eddie Smith, Im 44 years of age but, please do not let the salt and pepper fool you cause Im younger than one would think, plus I drip sauce when I walk, theyy call that ”SWAGG”.Lol I’ve been in the trenches for 23 years and Im very far from being institutionalized. My release date is when my cause receives aid or that one individual comes along and pushes me to my highest pinnacle of potential and helps me to see the greatness within myself, then shall I prevail and emerge from this darkness cause, I believe ”I AM”. Other than that, im a tru friend indeed with a great sence of humor as well as creative. Any endeavor I may embark upon I enter wholeheartly and give my all. With that being said, I would like to thank MS. Suzie for allowing our voice to be heard, you are greatly appreciated. To the viewers, I will do my best to bring forth blogs worthey of comment as well as debate. I have a profile on WriteAPrisoner.com if anyone may feel the need to know more about me. You can contact me by way of J-PAY Or here at the prison. Lrbanon Corretional Institution P.O BOX 56 Lebanon, Ohio 45036.

Eddie Smith
DOC #311-199

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