Renwicke Lampkin


Here is some work I wrote it is titled:


A strange unrest hovers over the nation
This is the last dance, the wild tossing of Morgan’s seas, The division of spoils. A lassitude Enters into the diamonds of the body.
In high school the explosion begins, the child is partly killed when the fight is over, and the land and the sea ruined, Two shapes inside us rise and move away.
But the baboon whistles on the shores of death .
climbing and falling, tossing nuts and stones,
He gambols by the tree
Whose branches hold the expanses of cold,
The planets whirling and the black sun,
The cries of insects, and the tiny slaves
In the prison of bark.
Charlemagne, we are approaching your islands!
We are now returning to the snowy trees,
And the depth of the darkness buried in snow, through which you rode all night

a darkness in which Thieves Shudder, and the insane have a hunger for snow, In which good planners dream of being buried by black stones, And men with stiff faces like me fall on their knees in the dungeon’s of sleep.

Hope u enjoy and there is plenty to come

DOC #AL-5727


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