Matthew Epperson

Lakeridge by Matthew Epperson

Here is a song that I’ve recently wrote and I have some youtube links with some simple jam guitar I hope you all like.


When I was young I would never land,
Soring high in some foreign land,
No drug induced imagination,
Now the best I have is fabrication,
Do you recall a single care?
Do you remember the summer air?
Time stood still and gone too fast
Do you remember how we use to laugh?

When we were young,
Foolish ambition and unbridled fun,
No mountain too high or river wide,
We conquered the world before our bedtime,
We were young

Momma’s callin, time to come in,
Daddy’s at work, where have you been?
Grades in school, oh they aren’t so well,
And when he gets home, there will be hell

But I wouldn’t trade those days for anything,
The boredom, the sadness, and punishments sting,
Cuz those bad feelings never lasted long,
And I had the love and power of a different song,

I was young,
Before age made me numb,
And cynicism rotted my bones,
I inhale what I can to take me back home

Down Lakeridge Dr we ruled the world, broke the law, found some girls, and broke some hearts,
And wander lust pulled us away from that old road where we use to play, now times have changed and I yearn to be young.

I know that it doesn’t make sense in the traditional musical stanza’s, but I hope you all enjoy the poetic language. Here are some youtube links of some music that I’m goofing around with. They are short videos, but hey, it’s what I got to work with…

Lame right? But, Im not in a position to choose my names right now. Hope you all don’t have trouble finding it and I hope more importantly that you share it with your friends and strangers. Also, I’m about 2 pages away from being done with the creative aspect of the novel! YAY! Then I’ll start the rewrite process. Ugh. So much work to do.

Keep cool, have a good day, and go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812


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