Alan Thrower

IF I COULD GET AWAY by Alan Thrower

By one god
If I could get away where would I go? what would I see? who would I be if I’m imaging me having luxury living in wealth but could not help, my one way ticket in going to hell open yo mail and get the real message. Get stripped naked from your thoughts and what chu think is reality, living in a world of tragedy its bad to be in a situation with envious hating steady making the wrong moves, it’s not all kool when people try to adjust in a place where its crooks and corrupts WE MUST!! find a better understanding of us where we can get away and go to a place, it’s just having a good life. where everybody understands the equality to a god is salvation inna man who stands and holds pride in the eyes of a god and does right by his side, I realize I’m the God, from above in the heavens that is where I would go. and the angels that is what I would see, and the earth which is where I would be watching over living peaceful and free…..

Alan Thrower #AI1509

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