Mwaniki Johnson

“America” by Mwaniki Johnson

“My country tis a thee sweet land of liberty”
How could I not love my country with lessons of law that state the 13th Amendment was amended to despair the disparities. See I was paying attention to the undermined blinded individuals that mislead my belief to believe this country was not designed for me. I am what I am but law states to abolish is abolitionist and to convince me that my country ” tis a thee” wow can I really liberate through the irate ivy league? Perhaps I was confused when adolescent years of my life was honest to refuse that red white and blue was only hue for the men I thought I knew. Racism was not a obstacle but beer bottles Cadillac role models with cheap perfume vapors on tight mini skirt black models. My first doctor lesson was me experiencing how my neighborhood childhood was lead by unseen medicines only I could see the dead people that lead me to my first new regal but even we know crack babies was a made in the early eighties now grown to see and vividly disparity to heroin addicted suburban communities. Despite the over excited efforts to help those with oppiate like addictions kind of confused me to believe why crack was just wack and it started on war for those addicted to crack. Drugs, institutions(jails), and death is high in the land that I live but America was the shit when I was only a kid to escape the prison gate,funeral homes,and drug zones. Projects turn to the project push to gentrify my neighborhood. America America my belief lead to me see how blessed a bullet proof vest that high schools and preacher pews left stained with membranes of blood drained from people of differences but I am a menace huh……….

Mwaniki Johnson
O.D.R.C. #449541

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