Renwicke Lampkin

Introducing Renwicke Lampkin

Greetings and much love and respects also blessings to you and is grateful for this opportunity. My name is Renwicke Lampkin and I am 29 years of age , I came to the system at the age of 21 and been here 9 years so far my day of arrest was on august 9, 2008 and since then I’ve acquired this creative zest of energy to be expressive with my unique ability.

I’ve always been a person of creative mechanisms but just couldn’t figure out the means to draw it out but I notice a lot times good work come from experiences that derives from an acute sense of struggle or a divine sense of peace and happiness so I am so grateful for the opportunity, my outdate is 5-27-29 and I hope to carry on my craft thank you, here is how u can reach me, go to j-pay .com and be referred to be my contact on my kiosk also you can write me directly, here is my destination:

Renwicke Lampkin #AL-5727
P.O.BOX 5242

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