James Kelly

ARE YOU HAPPY? By: Difference (Aka: James Douglas)

I’m fairly happy, and I’m currently incarcerated. I would be really happy with some regular, consistent communication with “normal” people in society. Do to exercising, working out, reading, writing. I am able to maintain a decent balance. One day I’ll be free, I won’t be alone, I’ll be able to try to have a healthy healthy relationship. Until then, I’ll just continue to strive for this happiness that comes from inner peace. Not outer circumstances. This is a lot easier to read, and talk about, then do. But no matter what I will not intentionally put myself through a state of being unhappy.
So look if you are in a “dead end job”, relationship, marriage, abusive relationship, lost in your addiction? Or just stuck, or keep doing something that is not making you happy, then stop.
If you, or someone you love, is struggling in their addiction. Just ask yourself are you happy?
If you are in an abusive relationship, an unhealthy relationship. That you are attempting to suffer through because of some “sense of obligation”, kids or something else. Then either fix it, or get out of it. If you are in a marriage that has died, or lost its fire. In my opinion (being a follower of Christ). Then you took an oath, that was death do us part. So you need to fix it at all cost. Don’t give up, there is some reason you got married. You loved that person at some point. So isn’t love worth fighting for? So make that person fall in love with you again. Do something special (or to) them. But no matter what fight for that. Don’t just give up, and give in.
So the bottom line is, IF YOU ARE HAPPY? Stat the same. If not. Then change something. I wasn’t happy lost in my addiction and unhealthy relationships. I’m not happy being locked up either. But at least now I have my sober mind, and can hopefully find my way out. God bless anyone who reads this.


James Kelly
DOC #59979

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  1. Keep it up brother. You are doing awesome.. this was amazing and great advice.. it’s easier to say then do.. always is..


  2. I think sometimes we focus too much on happiness and not enough on appreciation for what we have. For me, when I spend time thinking about what I am grateful for, I feel peaceful inside. I have taken so much in my life for granted; now that I am focusing on the gratitude I feel, I find it easier to face challenges that come up and easier to be the person God intended me to be. I like your post very much because you’re writing about changing those things in your life that are unhealthy for you or that cause you pain — and I think that is important for everyone to do. It can be scary, but I don’t believe God wants us to remain in unhealthy relationships or unhealthy situations; He love us too much for that. Take care of yourself and God bless.


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