Shawn Wilson

“Thoughts of ‘It’ with ‘Her’ ” By: Shawn Wilson (aka: Mr.Es.Wils)

I had come back from breakfast this morning after I ate some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches/oatmeal/milk and I began building with my “A1 from Day1”. He asked me, “how come you don’t have any female friends riding tight with you during your bid?” (He obviously asked me this because he’d strongly expected a man of my caliber to be blessed with much love and relations. I thought to myself like, “damn, I have been soo focused on learning this system of litigation and finding my way home, that I’ve sort of sacrificed the need for love and respect from a sincere significant other. I asked myself many times like, “what’s more important, love or freedom?” Of course with freedom there comes an eventual love, but in my situation I am giving my full attention to my freedom and my financial status. Anyways it dawned on me when he asked me that question about a possible female companion and I always knew that I’d love to have someone lovely, respectful and confident in my corner. It isn’t about how you meet that special person neither, it’s more about the potential in what we could possibly create together. I really would want that future special somebody to be able to open up to me, it doesn’t matter (visits, mail, Jpay videos, messages and pics). It would be fun. I am a great listener. If I am building something unique with you, I am being very honest although I haven’t always been as trustworthy as the person I have grown to be today because it took (self discipline) time to work on self and become a stronger, smarter and better man than I was the day before. And this is done for the betterment of you and I. (If anything.) This is genuinely to strengthen the both of us babe.
I am finishing up on a book which I have been working on for sometime and its purpose is to help bring out the ‘will power’ and empowerment of our women today beause, “who hasn’t had a battle with their insecurities?” I’m talking to you. I talk back also so don’t hesitate.

Shawn Wilson
DOC #640014

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