Shawn Wilson

“Nation of Gods and Earths” (NGE) By: Shawn Wilson (aka: Mr.EsWils)

As the service went on, “Ramone” could not control the amount of sweat which was protruding from his body nonstop. It was more difficult then he first planned it would be, because to him it seemed as if the Pastor was directing every word of conviction towards him. “Ramone” was filled with guilt because he knew that he hasn’t been the best man which he has the potential of being. He was actually just about ready to excuse himself and move on to ‘Plan C’, which was to send a silent hitman to their residence for a simply execution style killing, but the Pastor quickly tuned his message down a knotch as he began explaining how everyone has a chance to mend their fences with God through the reception of His Son. Looking over at “Daeja” for a brief moment “Ramone” witnessed how she had her hands in the air. Tears rolled down her cheek as she was smiling and requesting Jesus to come into her heart and soul. Ramone just couldn’t take it anymore. He was done with the lies and the mass confusion which has a hold on his people so he grabbed Daeja by her wrist, softly sat her down next to him and clinched her closely up against his person. He broke it down to her how the powers that actually be were never without her as he casually explained to her how they were always within her. Ramone was on the mission to awaken Daeja mentally and spiritually by showing and proving unto her how all of the keys to life gravitates from within. You just have to tap into your higher self and inner intellect which is also known as your essential spirit. One must be reborn through intense refinement, meditations and fastings. The Ancient Egyptians showed us how our life within this world is only preparation for the next. Anything which the mind can authentically conceive and perceive, you can ultimately achieve. Daeja went on to say, “but nothing is possible without God”, and that was when Ramone asked her, “well, when are you without God”? She was stunned because she used to think of God as a person living in the sky and as an entity which was somewhere outside of her temple and living around her. “The actual truth is, you were always naturally equipped with all of life’s answers. There is no limit to whatever you put your mind to”. Now she was able to recognize that with her conscious third 3ye open, there was literally nothing she cannot dominate and accomplish in life. Usually it is more difficult for a person of wise age to be open and humble to something which contradicts ones foundation or movement. At the age of seventeen and older, a person could be grown stuck in their ways. It was amazing how she took hold of knowledge as a sponge would do with water. Daeja didn’t let up that easily though. They combatted back and forth throughout the service until Daeja finally realized how authentic and pure the Universal Law really was. She began to trust in herself in a more timid and personal way. Daeja was already a humble woman, but this knowledge which Ramone awakened her to, allowed her to get on the road of knowledge of self as well as open her mind unto the energy fields within the Universe. (Excerpt from my book)

Shawn Wilson
DOC #640014

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