Devaughn Mcqueen

Introducing Devaughn Mcqueen

My name is Devaughn Mcqueen A.K.A. ”Big Von”. I’ve been incarcerated since 2003, my out date IS 2025. I’m 6’2 260 pds and 38 years old. I’m doing ti,e for murder. I guess for the most part im a nice guy, alyhough serious more offten then I should be but, thats due to the suituation which I currently reside. Games must not be played on a regular unless we are cool. I like to consider myself as a B.O.S.S and to some, I’m the BOSS of all BOSSES. To know more about me, I have a profile on XCLUZIVE LADIES.COM My conttact info is either on J-PAY or here at the insttitution. Lebanon Correctional Inst. P.O. BOX 56 Lebanon, Ohio 45036 MY MOTTO Since I’ve been incarverated I have lived with the motto of each one, teach one. I live to pass down the knpwledge which I have obtained during my struggle for salvation. As individuals, what we do today is the outcome of tomorrow. So, we must plant seeds for the future cause, tomorrow we will be living in the future. We must aid in the guidence of the children who chose to walk a path much greater then we have. My wisdom as an individual is for our love knowledge and salvation.

Devaughn Mcqueen
DOC #A443443


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