James Kelly

“I LOST MYSELF” By: Difference (AKA: James Douglas)

I lost myself somewhere along the way, in this journey of life. I dont know exactly when, or where. It’s been a long, lonely road. Filled with addiction, incarceration, unhealthy relationships, crime, and chaos. I’ve hurt a lot of people, broken a lot of promises. And on this journey I lost myself. Its taken being broken down to nothing. Stripped away from society, my friends, my family, and my children. I had to have all that, plus my choices taken away from me. Torn down to nothing. So I could start to learn, start to choose something different. I lost myself in life, and had that taken away. Now I choose to try to get to know me, so I can find myself. I would never intentionally hurt someone, or brake their heart. I never knew until recently, that it includes myself. I had to come here to find me.
That guy doesn’t lie, doesn’t cheat, doesn’t steal, doesn’t do drugs or alcohol, doesn’t use or disrespect people, is loving, caring, sensitive, loves and admires women. This and getting to know my mother, has really helped get me to know myself. So if I keep trying, keep looking. I hope to find myself.
“I understood myself, only after I destroyed myself, and only in the process of fixing myself, then did I know who I really was”

James Kelly
DOC #59979

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  1. So true. Sometimes it takes losing it all to really find out who you are when you’re stripped of everything that previously made up your identity.


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