Trevor Booth

Don’t shoot the messenger By: Trevor Booth

It is quite funny how I’ve spent the last three days telling fellow inmates the issues within the system and I wrote about it in a blog. So the out of state moves are staged and the virtual warden (who is heading all of this) came to speak with us. Most of the guys started to let out there frustrations on the guy and it created a defense system. The messenger stopped the madness and said someting along the lines of “I’m not the judge and I’m not the parole board, I’m just the guy in between there decisions that is trying to house the population they have created. Yes there are clearly issues within our system but that is not my department”. He said that he has done all of his part in regards to the information on a long term contract and once legislation approves it we’ll be good to leave the short term facility and we’ll get all of our property and jpay back. I told him if he would just tell legislation to get rid of the parole board and bring back good time his job would be a lot easier 🙂 we both got a good laugh out of that one. It’s apparent as to the issues. Inmates, families, tax payers, everyone should care enough that our state is failing in such an irresponsible way.

I said that it would cost approximately $50 million a year to run a 2000 man facility if they built a new one. The funny thing is that by sending us out of state they basically are building a prison out of state. Tax payers are still paying for the facilities here in Idaho and are spending those extras of millions of dollars to house more inmates. I suppose most people could care less. Inmates deserve what they get, right? That’s an ignorant thought process when you look at the big picture. When I went to school our teachers had to re use paper because they were limited. Not only are they limited on paper, but they are one of the most under paid profession in our country. Does it make sense for such things to happen? For millions to be spent on warehousing and not toward education?

I do understand all parts of the spectrum. I’ve already said that had I never been incarcerated my views would be different. I would worry about my life and assume that the people in charge of the system were doing everything right. As an insider with a business mind and an understanding as to what the system should be promoting and how inconsistent and unjustful it is I tend to be disgusted. I’d much rather be a tax payer that helped our society and man kind thrive and grow in positive directions, but rather I am currently a liability on the state. They spend approximately $25,400 a year to keep me incarcerated and don’t allow me to help make up for it. I actually want responsibility, I actually would prefer to be an asset. Even though there are many people within the system that could be assets and have just made a mistake, there are also a number of unstable lunatics that I completely understand need to be incarcerated. The reason that we have prisons is sensible. The way that they are ran and set up is not.

Rehabilitation is something that is not even close to being done in here. Not by the system. Most guys become so dependent on the food and housing that they struggle to be responsible when they are set free and often prefer to be here. Each incarcerated person has a different issue. Anger, addiction, lack of knowing how to live a normal life. Most don’t know how to have a bank account, get a loan, or what credit is. If tax payers were paying $25,400 a year to teach a person how to deal with their struggles it would be money well spent. Rather they build structures that breed frustrations and pile us on top of one another in a stressful, anxiety filled environment. They don’t promote growth or even give us outlets to be better and do better. They seem to do the bare minimum all the while not changing a thing and creating the revolving door for most.

Imagine if every entity was held responsible to accomplish a mission that all interlinked to secure a persons best opportunity to see a better way of living, to change their flawed way of reacting. I’ve dealt with guys that are literally insane and I’ve dealt with guys that have issues. To say that everyone is unfixable is ridiculous. But most will continue to fail and struggle due to lack of personal investment.

It’s hard to find down to earth people in here, but I search for them constantly. I just met a kid (26) that has a ten year fixed for heroin. He was able to visit his family for the first time since coming to prison recently. His father was tearful and one of my friends knew what was happening and told the father that his son was a good kid and that he would be okay and to be strong and not worry about him, he’ll be safe. My friend came into prison at 17 with twenty to life and is on his sixteenth year. I’m grateful for his efforts in these strangers lives. We had only just met this kid that came into prison and is being sent with us, but my friend and I have been through so much similar stuff with this system that we tend to be a mentor to those around us just starting their journey. My friend made the play of the day for that father. I was proud of him and I’m glad that even though this system is seeming harsh to this kid that my friend and I can ease his pressure and let him know that he’s not alone and if we can help at all we will. Most people are selfish especially in a world of those that don’t have much. We are packing our stuff and should be out of here in the next couple of days. It does suck to see all of the heartache involved in such a move. Families are struggling and even though IDOC claims to do their best to keep families involved, such things as these moves clearly prove otherwise.

Trevor Booth
DOC #78409


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    • Trevor the young man that your talking about that’s 26 and has just gotten the 10 fixed years for heroin is my son. I am have been trying to shout from the roof tops about my sons story. I accidentally stumbled on to this blog and couldn’t believe I was actually reading about my own son. Thank you for caring. Thank you for watching after him. As a mom and dad we are so helpless but I can’t tell you how thankful we are for caring about our son.


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