Keon Lewis

“WHAT YA LIFE LIKE???” by Keon Lewis

locked in my cell 21hours a day ,a hour and a half out in the mourning and hour and a half at night… I wouldn’t wish this kinda life on my worst enemies!!!! 6pay phones, 3showers,1kiosk is shared between 80 inmates on each unit, so imagine dealing with killers,rapists,gang bangers, and mentally challenged prisoner’s on a daily… stabbings, riots and deaths being witnessed here often…you can be stabbed for touching the wrong phone!!! what ya life like? mine is real!!! I am open for questions, interviews, friendships etc I can be reached via mail(keon lewis #489829-c p.o. box 2300 Newark nj 07114) or via can download the jpay app for free and use my name and number to email me….thanks for reading….. sincerely…

DOC #489829-c

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